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Sony will pickle Seth Rogen

Image The Variety portal has prepared good news for those who miss Seth Rogen's insane antics. According to the source, the actor will once again work with Sony studio on an unnamed comedy, the idea of which seems, on the one hand, very interesting, and on the other - crazy.

Rogen will star in the film based on the novel by Simon Rich for The New Yorker. At the center of events is Herschel Greenbaum, a hard-hitting hard worker who immigrates to America in 1918 in dreams of a better life for his family. Once at the factory, the hero falls into a barrel of pickled cucumbers and is salted for a whole hundred years. Thanks to the brine, Herschel is well preserved, and, waking up in our time, he discovers that he has not aged a bit. Greenbaum decides to find at least some relatives and is horrified to discover that his only descendant, Ben's great-grandson, is a meek computer scientist whom Herschel does not understand at all. Rogen will play both Herschel and his great-grandson Ben.

The adaptation of the original will be done by the author himself, Simon Rich ("Man Seeking a Woman"), and the production functions will be taken over by Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver ("There will be no sex !!!"). Filming is due to begin next month and will be led by director of photography Brandon Trost ("Woe Creator"), for whom the Sony film will be his directorial debut in films.


The next year will be very fruitful for Rogen. The comedy "Flarsky", where Seth played along with Charlize Theron, will go to the screens. The actor will also give voice to Pumbaa in the new version of The Lion King and star in the biographical drama Newsflash *. Another film with Seth's participation, James Franco's Zeroville, is awaiting release, but for several years the tape has not found a distributor and is unlikely to ever reach cinemas.

* - preliminary translation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman