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The Power Rangers return to the screens

Image In 2016, Lionsgate studio head John Feltheimer proudly announced that he had six Power Ranger films in the pipeline. A year later, the reboot of the popular franchise failed to recoup the $ 100 million budget, and the head of the Hollywood film company had to curtail Napoleonic plans. Nevertheless, the Power Rangers will still get another chance to conquer Hollywood.

At the beginning of last month, Hasbro acquired the rights to the popular brand for $ 522 million. At the company's strategic development conference, which is taking place these days, its CEO Brian Goldner announced to reporters that the heroes in colorful suits will return to the big screen.

Goldner has not yet gone into the details of the film project. There is a possibility that Hasbro executives will go to a deal with Lionsgate to film a sequel to last year's blockbuster. Despite the failure at the box office, Dean Israelite's picture received a good audience rating on the CinemaScore portal.


However, the more likely option seems to be a complete reboot of the film series. In that case, Hasbro will most likely hire Paramount Studios to work on the film. The toy company has previously partnered with the Hollywood major on the Transformers and Cobra Toss franchises.

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Author: Jake Pinkman