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Strong and independent. Steve McQueen's Widows Trailer

Image We present to your attention a dubbed trailer for the crime thriller "Widow" - the first film by Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen without Michael Fassbender, but with a whole gallery of talented actresses in the lead roles. This time, Steve decided to work with big and small screen stars such as Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar), Elizabeth Debicki (Night Administrator) and Academy Award winner Viola Davis (Fences). All these beautiful ladies met on the same set to tell us a story about strong and independent women in a difficult situation.

According to the plot of the film, based on the eponymous British TV series of the 80s, when the widows of the robbers killed during the next case understand that their dashing husbands left them nothing but debt and fear for the lives of their children, they decide not to sit idly by, but to continue started by the deceased spouses. The heroine of Viola Davis finds an unrealized plan for a new robbery in the things of her late husband and begins to agitate the rest of the widows to gather their courage and begin to implement it as soon as possible.

The minor caste in the new film directed by the director of "Hunger" and "Shame" is also replete with stellar names: the company of the famous ladies in the frame were Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell and John Bernthal. We will soon be able to see the latter in the second season of the Marvel telecomic "The Punisher".

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The USA premiere of the R-rated crime thriller will take place on November 22.

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