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Wakanda, Vikander and Dovlatov: watch this week

Image Tomorrow, the first superhero blockbuster of this year will be released on USA screens, which has already managed to make a splash in the global box office and earn a brilliant 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A film about Sergei Dovlatov, a fantasy action about a robbery of a casino, deep-sea and high-altitude dramas, cartoon tales from Norwegian and Japanese animators, as well as a horror film about the difficult everyday life of video bloggers will try to compete with the film comic strip about the adventures of the Black Panther.

"Black Panther"

Duplicate teaser trailer

Although Marvel has long found the formula for a successful film comic strip, it continues to conduct very interesting experiments within the superhero genre. According to the creators of "Black Panther", while working on the solo album of the ruler of Wakanda, they were inspired by the films of Bond and the trilogy "The Godfather". The result was appreciated by both critics and ordinary viewers. The former awarded the blockbuster the highest rating among all Marvel films, and the latter allowed it to recoup the budget in the first week of release.

"Beyond Reality"

Dubbed trailer

What happens when you create a whimsical mix of Hollywood hits like Ocean's Eleven, Illusion of Deception and Inception? Director Alexander Boguslavsky will try to answer this question, who will present to the public a tape about a charming fraudster who decided to rob a casino using a group of people with paranormal abilities. The protagonist's plan runs the risk of going down the drain when an insidious swindler played by Antonio Banderas intervenes ...



The new film by Alexei German Jr., which tells about one week in the life of Sergei Dovlatov, is also of interest to fans of USA cinema. The world premiere of the biographical drama took place at the 68th Berlin Film Festival, where it received many compliments from foreign journalists. Representatives of the foreign press especially noted the excellent camera work, the skill of the production designers and the play of the Serbian actor Milan Maric, who managed to comprehend the mysterious USA soul and successfully reincarnate into the famous Soviet writer.


Duplicate trailer

The world premiere of another novelty in USA distribution took place at another well-known international film festival - the 42nd annual film festival in Toronto. James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander starred in the film by three-time Academy Award nominee Wim Wenders. The Scotsman will appear in the image of a scout who was interrogated by the jihadists, and the Swede will play his beloved, who at the same moment will begin to dive to the bottom of the ocean.

"From the bottom of the top"


After the success of the films Legend # 17 and Moving Up, USA filmmakers began to turn to the genre of sports drama much more often. Yana Polarush, Tamara Tsotsoria and Konstantin Kutuev were no exception, who decided to tell the audience a story about a young skier who will have to endure serious blows of fate on the way to success.

"Buy Me"


The heroines of Vadim Perelman's melodrama will also have to learn the price of happiness. In the center of the plot of his new film will be three girls who dream of fame, success and a beautiful life. The film has already managed to make a good impression on film experts: last summer it claimed the main prize of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival, but lost the fight for Golden George to the Chinese drama The Crested Ibis.

Selfie from Hell

In the summer of 2015, Cologne film school students Mila Adams and Erdal Seilan filmed a low-budget short film Selfie from Hell, which became a real internet sensation. After the count of views of a two-minute video exceeded the seven-digit mark, the Canadian film company IndustryWorks Pictures invited the authors of the horror film to work on its full-length version. Seilan directed the film, while Adams played a video blogger from Germany who travels to the United States to visit her cousin.

"Mary and the Witch's Flower" and "Anchors Raise!"


The opportunity to arrange a family trip to the cinema will give domestic audiences cartoons by Japanese Hiromasa Yenebayashi and Norwegian Simen Alsvik. The first is based on Mary Stewart's Little Broomstick. Its main character will be the 11-year-old girl Mary, who enrolled in an educational institution for young witches. The second animation novelty of next week is based on the popular Norwegian children's books about the adventures of the good-natured rescue boat Elias.

“Cezanne. Portraits of Life "and" Dries van Noten "

Connoisseurs of high art are waiting for two pleasant gifts at once. Art lovers will be able to go to a documentary session about the life and work of the French artist Paul Cezanne. Connoisseurs of the world of haute couture should pay attention to the documentary about Dries van Noten, in which the famous Belgian couturier will talk about his path to success and worldwide recognition.

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