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John Wick does not give up

Image Just a few days at the box office was enough for John Wick to once again prove his combat effectiveness. The third action film in the franchise not only overthrew the Avengers from their homely first place in the US box office, but also showed an excellent result at the start - $ 57 million at home and $ 93 million worldwide. So the news that Part 4 has received the green light from Lionsgate is hardly surprising.

The major has already set a date for the premiere of the fourth "John Wick": the tape will go to the big screens on May 21, 2021. While the action has only one competitor for rental - the cartoon "Super-Pets". Keanu Reeves should return to the role of the title character, and the director's chair will certainly remain with Chad Stahelski. In his interviews, the filmmaker just said that they have ideas for the next sequels.

“I love making these films because there are no restrictions for them. We create the mythology ourselves, and the studio does not interfere with the process and supports our crazy decisions. If people want to go to John Wick 3, it will make money, and the producers will turn to us, then we have a lot of ideas. It's a fun world and I could stay here for the rest of my career ", Stahelski said.


Each subsequent part of "John Wick" collected more than the previous one, and critics call the triquel the best in the entire film series.

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