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Sly Coyote Takes A Big Screen

Image Film Company Warner Bros. will give new life to the heroes of the famous cartoon franchise Looney Tunes. According to Deadline, the studio is preparing a full-length project about the adventures of one of Hollywood's favorite villains - the adventurous but not too lucky Sly Coyote.

Despite the immense popularity of the Looney Tunes universe, in its 88-year history, its inhabitants have appeared on the screens only three times in film mixes of feature films and animation. In 1988, the cartoons received a cameo in the legendary film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and eight years later they played basketball with Michael Jordan in Space Jam. In 2003, the family movie "Looney Tunes: Back in Business" was released, which received mixed reviews in the press and could not recoup its solid $ 80 million budget.

Bugs Bunny, Duffy Duck and other famous Looney Tunes characters had to go to the shelf for fifteen long years. Now, the WB leadership is finally giving cartoon characters another chance to conquer the movie screens. It was originally planned that the triumphant return of familiar from childhood characters will take place in "Space Jam 2", but the studio has not yet been able to agree on a shooting schedule with NBA star LeBron James. It looks like the 1996 sequel to the basketball action game will be able to get ahead of the movie about Sly Coyote.


Plot details of the painting tentatively titled Coyote Vs. Acme are still kept secret. It is possible that WB decided to rework the script of the tape about the Acme corporation, which was announced in the summer of 2014. The WB management planned to give the lead role in the film to Steve Carell, but over the past four years there has been no progress in the work on this project.

Script Coyote Vs. Acme will be written by brothers John and Josh Silberman, whose track records include such famous sitcoms as Studio 30 and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The film will be produced by Chris McKay, who has collaborated with the WB on The Lego Movie: Batman.

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