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USAn Box Office: Shyamalan hit tanks

Image For two weeks after the New Year, domestic film distributors could not get enough of the box office results: this year's indicators have grown compared to the last. However, all good things come to an end, and last weekend the USAs left at the box office of cinemas 841 million rubles, which is less than on the same weekend in 2018. Then the sports drama "Moving Up" was leading at the box office, and the viewers were so generous that they said goodbye to the sum of 870.5 million rubles.

This time, the national cinema had to give up the first place to the new film by M. Night Shyamalan. "Glass" has become the undisputed leader of the USA box office. In this, our viewers were in solidarity with the Americans, who also appreciated the next creation of the director. If we talk about the novelties of the box office in general, then only two debutants made their way into the top five, but the drama "Two Queens" (the only one in the top ten with Oscar nominations) was content with sixth place. The moviegoers paid even less attention to the comedy "Pyshka" with Jennifer Aniston in the title role: she took only 13th position.

The top five for the weekend (January 17-20) is as follows:

1. "Glass"


Week at the box office - 1
Added - 346.3 million rubles
Total fees - 346.3 million rubles
Sank / Rise - (-)

The film became the nexus of Shyamalan's trilogy, which also included Invincible and Split. The latter at one time earned positive reviews, and "Glass" in this regard loses to its predecessor. But in terms of fees, the novelty bypassed its brothers: "Invincible" 18 years ago, during its entire stay at the box office, earned 36.2 million rubles, and "Split" in the first week was noted for the amount of 246.5 million rubles. Already now we can say with confidence that "Glass" will be the most successful representative of the trinity, but this is exactly what was expected from the ambitious picture.

2. "T-34"


Week at the box office - 3
Added - 184.7 million rubles
Total fees - 2.09 billion rubles
Sagged / Increased -1 (-45.6%)

For two weeks a war drama with Alexander Petrov in the title role was gaining the cream of the USA box office, but it could not resist the onslaught of "Glass". However, for the filmmakers, this is not a reason to be upset, because the T-34 passed the important mark of 2 billion rubles for itself, becoming only the second project in the history of USA cinema that succeeded in such a trick. The pioneer in this case was the above-mentioned "Moving Up" tape.

3. “Policeman from Rublyovka. New Year's mayhem "


Week at the box office - 5
Added - 47.6 million rubles
Total fees - 1.73 billion rubles
Sagged / Increased -1 (-57.3%)

For the third week in a row, Alexander Petrov is fighting himself in a tank, but already in police uniform. The full-length film, which is a continuation of the popular series, now ranks fourth in the list of the highest-grossing USA tapes, but "The Last Hero" will also fall before it, but the picture is unlikely to reach the results of "Moving Up" and "T-34".

4. "Asterix and the secret potion"


Week at the box office - 1
Added - 41.6 million rubles
Total fees - 41.6 million rubles
Sank / Rise - (-)

The cartoon about the adventures of the brave Gauls and bosom friends of Asterix and Obelix turned out to be cute and very funny, but he could not repeat the success of the film "Asterix: Land of the Gods" five years ago. She began a trip to USA cinemas at 52.9 million rubles. As you can see, last weekend the audience had no time for the animation genre.

5. "The Way Home"


Week at the box office - 2
Added - 39.1 million rubles
Total fees - 124.6 million rubles
Sag / Rise -1 (-45%)

The drama of Charles Martin Smith, although it cannot boast of outstanding results, but it keeps afloat better than the other novelties of the previous week. "The Way Home" in the USA box office is still significantly ahead of "A Dog's Life", although in the US the situation is the opposite.

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Author: Jake Pinkman