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Colt is not a toy for children

Image The middle of this week has turned into a real holiday for film connoisseurs. No sooner had our readers rejoiced at yesterday's news about the filming of a mini-series based on the half-forgotten script by Stanley Kubrick, when news came from sunny Cannes about an attempt to resurrect the dream project of another eminent director - Sergio Leone.

In the late 1980s, the legendary master of spaghetti westerns worked on the script for the serial drama Colt. Unfortunately, in 1989, the director's life was interrupted by a myocardial infarction, and his series hung at the level of an idea. Thirty years after the tragic death of the director, his children arrived at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival to present the distributors with the idea of reanimating a Western.

In 2016, Raffaella and Andrea Leone already tried to implement their father's script. Then it was about the creation of an English-language mini-series, the director and showrunner of which was supposed to be the Italian Stefano Sollima ("The Killer 2. Against All"). Three years later, it became known that Colt had undergone one significant change: the leaders of the Leone Film Group transformed Sergio's original idea into a feature-length film format.


It's time to return the spaghetti westerns to their historic homeland, announced Stefano Sollima, who decided to stay at the helm of the project. -Viewers will find a story about three boys aged 12-13 who find a Colt and start turning into criminals. I must warn you in advance that a child with a revolver in his hands is not a sight for the faint of heart. ”

If Leone's heirs manage to return to Italy with a bunch of contracts with distributors, the shooting of "Colt" will begin next winter.

Source: Variety

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