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Ralph Against the Internet. Trailer about ”wifi” and cats

Image Released in 2012, the cartoon "Ralph", which tells about a minor character in an eight-bit computer game, with a budget of $ 165, managed to earn $ 471 million at the worldwide box office and was nominated for the Oscar. Created primarily for children, this animation project caused a storm of delight among the overage audience: a simple man Ralph with disheveled hair, impressive biceps and a desire to break everything fell in love with the audience from the first frames.

Nostalgia of moviegoers in their thirties for those times when you could take your heart out on slot machines, and if you're lucky, get your own console and become the coolest teenager in the area, also played a significant role here. This fall the sequel to "Ralph" will be released, in which we will talk about the Internet. But will the sequel be able to repeat the success of the original without playing the nostalgic card?

According to the plot of the cartoon "Ralph Against the Internet", the main character and his friend Vanellope von Keks will go on an exciting journey across the vastness of the Web, where they will learn what pop-up ads are, visit the eBay auction and scare the hell out of a little girl with their appearance in her game on a tablet ... But the bright and full of new unexplored entertainment world of the Internet will be far from being as safe for simpleton Ralph as the usual reality of slot machines, and soon the main characters will face serious problems.

It is good news that a real veteran of animation, Oscar winner for Zootopia Rich Moore, who was accompanied by one of the screenwriters of the first part, Phil Johnston, returned to the director's chair of the sequel.

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Our viewers will be able to look at the Internet through the eyes of Ralph on November 22.

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