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Review of the movie How I spent this summer. Fish on ice


Silver Bear Berlin Film Festival for outstanding artistic achievement. Silver Bear for artistic contribution to the development of cinema. These Europeans, to paraphrase the anecdote about Lieutenant Rzhevsky, have not been hit in the face with an oar for a long time - they like the harsh USA cinema (and this sympathy makes one suspect the roots of the Stockholm syndrome in it). In a strange way on our screens - "How I Spent This Summer" - the movie is a USA bear: senseless and merciless towards its audience. Look at your own peril and risk.

The plot of the movie, written and shot by the figure of USA cinema Alexei Popogrebsky, is simple. Trainee Pasha spends the summer at a meteorological station on an island in the Arctic Ocean with the gloomy northern wolf Sergei Vitalievich, who does not know what is `smile`. They take instrument readings and transmit them to the mainland. In the absence of Sergei Vitalievich, Pasha receives a radiogram from the mainland - an unsociable meteorologist can react to news from it in any way.

Having said nothing once or twice, Pasha thinks that he will manage - and then everything gets so confused that it becomes possible to defuse the situation only by unloading the gun to a colleague. A more empty and protracted movie has not been allowed to the theaters for a long time. I spent a little over two hours of its timing, observing the beauty of northern nature and the dial of my own watch. When I got tired of waiting for a more or less unexpected plot turn (besides the one that so carefully hides the synopsis from the viewer - because there is no other in the movie besides this turn), I had to admire the landscapes.

What was the point of building a two-hour garden from a two-way intrigue will remain a mystery until the credits. It would probably be a funny game to come up with possible somersaults during the movie, into which the plot could turn. I came up with two. I still like them more than the movie I saw. "How I Spent the Summer" could become, in a Tarantino way, a spectacular deception of the viewer: when everyone is waiting for something quite definite, having made an impression on the advertisement and all these spill-over figurines, and he suddenly turns everyone around his finger (middle, of course) and explodes into an unexpected trap for the hero! To

others and life hit the backhand when you decided that you know everything about them. Alas, this is not about Popogrebsky's tape: it is straightforward, like a dried fish, and does not smell of either blood or revelations. With the same success, this moviemaker could shoot northern nature for two hours - or put on a scene that he really likes: when a light comes on in the hut of meteorologists at night - a lonely star in the dark - and turns off in the morning. (This scene is repeated three times per movie.)

Two actors for the entire movie (plus three voices in the radio) - Grigory Dobrygin (who is Black Lightning) and Sergey Puskepalis (`` Walk '') - they play great, but their persuasiveness in the images of a shaky student and a hardened human being breaks on the dull brick of the script, like an endless surf on the rocks. What cannot be taken away from the movie is the feeling of wild hopelessness. As Vladimir Khotinenko correctly noted in the movie 'Pop', putting this observation into the mouth of a fascist infantryman, ' USA is a monstrous combination of squalor of life and beauty of nature. ” Films like How I Spent This Summer multiply the first, hiding behind the second.

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Author: Jake Pinkman