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The Lady of Darkness is planning her return

Image Fans of classic 80s horror movies are familiar with Elvira. The actress who played it, Cassandra Peterson, became very popular among fans of the genre thanks to the TV series Elvira's Movie Macabre, with its rather creepy and frightening content. Her flamboyant and unique style made her one of the most memorable characters in pop culture, and to this day she remains quite popular with horror fans, despite her "Golden Raspberry" starring in "Elvira - Lady of Darkness." As it became known to the online edition Movieweb, Peterson expressed her desire to return the sexy beauty, beloved by the public, in a new film, for which she has already come up with a general concept.

Cassandra recently took part in the Salem Horror Festival, where she answered questions about a future project. She did not disclose all its details, but said that the concept of the film is completely ready and now there is a question of funding. The actress also stated that if the project is given the green light, it will most likely be shown on streaming services, not in movies.


In fact, focusing on streaming services is the best option for Peterson. Netflix, Hulu and Shudder could become Elvira's new home, according to Cassandra herself, and given the attractiveness of her character, any of these streaming giants would be fine.

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Author: Jake Pinkman