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Guillermo del Toro will scare the night owls

Image We recently reported that online service Netflix will begin filming even more science fiction and fantasy series in the coming years. The multi-million army of horror fans will not be left out either. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming giant will team up with Mexican horror maestro Guillermo del Toro to work on the television anthology 10 After Midnight *.

The multi-part horror immediately received an order for the full first season, but representatives of Netflix are in no hurry to share the details of its plot. The show is expected to be both chilling and sophisticated, with each new episode being a separate story.

Del Toro will take over as producer of the anthology and will also write and direct several episodes of the opening season. In addition, Guillermo plans to personally assemble a team of renowned masters of the genre and budding directors who will be entrusted with filming the rest of the episodes of the first chapter of After Midnight.


The Oscar-winning Mexican already has a successful track record on television horror movies. In 2014, with his support, the vampire saga "The Strain" was created, which earned a lot of flattering reviews from professional critics and horror fans.

* - preliminary translation.

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