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Will Wonder Woman make a contract with the devil?

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Although the superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman 2 began filming in mid-June, Warner Bros. manages to successfully keep the details of his plot secret. To date, fans of the DC Universe have been content with only paparazzi photos from the movie set and a couple of official promo shots. One of the pictures made it clear that the creators of the sequel would somehow revive the hero Chris Pine, and the other introduced the audience to the mysterious businessman played by Pedro Pascal. SuperBroMovies shares curious rumors that it is the character of the star of the TV series "Barygi" who will give new life to pilot Steve Trevor.

It seems that the appearance of Pascal's hero not in vain caused many viewers to associate with the young Donald Trump, who is called the devil in the flesh behind his back. SuperBroMovies journalists have not yet revealed the name of the Chilean character, but insist that he will turn out to be the god Hades, who took on the image of some powerful rich man.

The appearance in the film of the lord of the realm of the dead will allow the writers to provide a logical explanation for the revival of Steve Trevor. It can be assumed that Pine's hero will return to life thanks to Princess Diana, who will make a deal with Hades. By all the laws of the genre, Wonder Woman is unlikely to read the small text at the end of the contract ...


Officials from Warner Bros. are in no hurry to confirm information about the role of Pedro Pascal. Filming for Wonder Woman 2 will end in December, and the blockbuster will hit the screens on October 31 next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman