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Golden Raspberry 2018: nominees

Image The past year has given us not only a lot of excellent films with fantastic direction and great acting, but also frankly disastrous films with disgusting scripts and terrible acting of the stars of the first category. Their creators have already hopelessly lost the battle for the love of the audience and the respect of critics, but they have a good chance to win the main Hollywood award for dubious achievements in the field of cinema.

In America, the names of applicants for the Golden Raspberry Award were announced. The blockbuster "Transformers: The Last Knight" became the leader in the number of nominations this year, claiming victory in eight out of nine categories.

By good tradition, the priceless statuettes worth $ 4.79 will find their owners a day before the announcement of the Oscar winners. The 38th Golden Raspberry Awards will take place in Los Angeles on March 3.

The nominees for the Golden Raspberry 2018 were:

Worst Movie

The Mummy
"Fifty Shades Darker"
Rescuers Malibu
"Transformers: The Last Knight"
Emoji Movie


Worst Actor

Johnny Depp - "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Jamie Dornan - Fifty Shades Darker
Tom Cruise - The Mummy
Zac Efron - Malibu Rescuers
Mark Wahlberg - Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 "and" Transformers: The Last Knight "

Worst Actress

Dakota Johnson - Fifty Shades Darker
Jennifer Lawrence - Mom!
Tyler Perry - Madea's Halloween 2
Emma Watson - Sphere
Katherine Heigl - Obsession


Worst Supporting Actor

Javier Bardem - "mom!" and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mel Gibson - “Hello Dad, New Year! 2 "
Josh Duhamel - Transformers: The Last Knight
Russell Crowe - The Mummy
Anthony Hopkins - "Autobahn" and "Transformers: The Last Knight"

Worst Supporting Actress

Kim Basinger - "Fifty Shades Darker"
Sofia Boutella - The Mummy
Susan Sarandon - Bad Moms 2
Goldie Hawn - "Her Mother and Daughter"
Laura Haddock - "Transformers: The Last Knight"


Worst-case scenario

The Mummy
"Fifty Shades Darker"
Rescuers Malibu
"Transformers: The Last Knight"
Emoji Movie

Worst Director

Darren Aronofsky - Mom!
Michael Bay - "Transformers: The Last Knight"
Alex Kurtzman - The Mummy
Anthony Leondis - Emoji Movie
James Foley - Fifty Shades Darker


Worst remake, parody or sequel

The Mummy
"Fifty Shades Darker"
Rescuers Malibu
"Transformers: The Last Knight"
Madea's Halloween 2

Worst Screen Duo

Johnny Depp and the pretty boring image of a drunkard - "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Any combination of two people, robots and explosions - "Transformers: The Last Knight"
Any combination of two nasty emojis - "Emoji Movie"
Any combination of two characters, sex toys and poses of "Kamasutra" - "Fifty shades darker"
Tyler Perry and either a pathetic old dress or a worn-out wig - Madea's Halloween 2


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