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Official: Jurassic World Receives Triquel

Image Although months remain before the premiere of the sequel to Jurassic World, Universal is looking to the future and making big plans for the reborn franchise. In 2016, the director of the second part, Juan Antonio Bayona, admitted that Colin Trevorrow originally intended to shoot a whole trilogy, and now the bosses of Universal have officially announced that the third film in the series has gone into work.

Jurassic World 3 will hit the big screens on June 11, 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter. One of the scriptwriters of the blockbuster will once again be Colin Trevorrow, who revived the franchise, which brought Universal $ 1.67 billion in 2015. This time Trevorrow's company will be Emily Carmichael. She is still little known to the general public, but managed to work on the sequel to Pacific Rim, as well as to prove herself well in front of Disney studio and Steven Spielberg's Amblin company, having a hand in writing lyrics for their new projects.

“We need new talent to keep the franchise story fresh and original. I was delighted with the intense atmosphere and beauty of the second movement, created by the efforts of Juan Antonio Bayona. I know that Emily will also bring something new to the final chapter of the trilogy ", - said Trevorrow.


There is no information about the plot of the triquel yet, it is only known that its events will be directly related to the final of the upcoming second film. Its premiere in USA is scheduled for June 7.

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Author: Jake Pinkman