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Clint Eastwood will go all bad

Image Clint Eastwood's distinguished career is proof that it's never too late to learn new things. In his ninth decade, the winner of four Oscars managed to become the main Hollywood expert on biographical films. In the current decade, the heroes of his paintings were the head of the FBI, members of a rock and roll group, a well-aimed sniper and a civil aviation pilot. In the middle of this month the thriller "Train to Paris" will be released in USA, in which Eastwood will tell about three American tourists who prevented a terrorist attack on a high-speed train. As it became known to The Tracking Board, at the moment the 87-year-old legend of world cinema is eyeing another interesting project based on real events.

Eastwood received an invitation to act as a producer, director and performer of the main role in the film "The Mule" *. The crime drama was announced in November 2014, when Imperative Entertainment acquired the film rights to Sam Dolnik's article "The 90-Year-Old Sinaloa Cartel Drug Courier". Initially, the director's chair of the film was assigned to Ruben Fleischer, but over the past years, the director of the black comedy "Welcome to Zombieland" managed to switch to other projects.

Nick Schenck (Gran Torino) wrote the first version of the Drug Courier script, and Dave Holstein (Laughing) made the final edits. The main character of the film will be a World War II veteran and famous flower grower Leo Sharp, who turned out to be the secret courier of the largest Mexican drug cartel.


Over the course of several years, Sharpe has delivered tons of cocaine to various cities in America. The Drug Enforcement Administration got on his trail through wiretapping of cartel leaders. During the arrest in the car of 87-year-old Leo, 100 kg of white powder were found. The elderly offender faced a serious prison term, but his lawyers managed to prove that Sharpe was drawn into the drug business due to progressive senile dementia. On the day of his 90th birthday, Leo was sentenced to three years in prison. Soon the lawyers were able to get early release, as their client's health began to deteriorate. After his release, Sharpe lived another year and a half.


In recent years, Clint Eastwood has decided to focus on his directing career. If he agrees not only to stage the production of Drug Courier, but also to play Leo Sharp, this will be his first major role since the sports drama Twisted Ball.

* - preliminary translation.

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