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The Gifted Star will acquire new superpowers

Image The finest hour of the young American model and dancer Emma Dumont was the role of Polaris in the TV series Gifted. According to the publication Deadline, the leading actress of the popular television channel Fox is ready to try on another superhero costume. Dumont signed on to star in the film adaptation of Everett Hartsow's graphic novel Razor.

The first attempts to film a comic strip were made at the end of the last decade, but Hollywood studios did not manage to launch the film into production. A year ago, the unfinished construction finally returned to life, when it became known that action master Rob Cohen ("The Fast and the Furious", "Three X's") would take his directorial chair.

Dumont will appear on the screens as Nicole Mitchell. As a child, this superheroine witnessed the murder of her police father. Due to her injury, Nicole had to go to a psychiatric clinic for compulsory treatment. Twelve years later, Mitchell is released with a plan for revenge ...


"Emma can be called a real person of the Renaissance," Rob Cohen said in compliments. -She is an excellent actress, professional ballerina and is preparing for a degree in robotics. Nothing is impossible for her. She immediately agreed to study the Israeli Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat system for our film. Emma was literally born to play Nicole Mitchell".


The start date for the film adaptation of the Razor comic has not yet been announced, as Dumont is currently busy on the set of the second season of The Gifted.

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Author: Jake Pinkman