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Explosive Blonde sequel has gone to work

Image Last year was full of action for Oscar winner Charlize Theron. At first she intrigued the main characters of the eighth "Fast and the Furious", and then handed out cuffs in "Explosive Blonde". The spy thriller by David Leitch is remembered precisely because of the abundance of high-quality action scenes, and, as it turns out, in the near future, viewers will be able to see the continuation of the film.

Theron was so good at Lorraine Broughton that some journalists saw her as a female version of Bond. Charlize is not going to become agent 007 yet, but to return to the role of Broughton is quite. At the San Francisco International Film Festival, the actress admitted that the sequel to Explosive Blonde is in the works, but did not elaborate on the details.

Theron also said that Leitch's painting required a lot of physical effort from her, but the work on "Explosive Blonde" was worth it. However, Charlize never refused such roles. It is worth remembering her transformation into a serial killer for Monster, which brought her an Oscar, or Fury Road, which took about six months to shoot, and Theron had to put on more than 20 kilograms for the Tully movie.


"Explosive Blonde" grossed $ 95.8 million worldwide with a budget of $ 30 million, and in most cases such a result is not a guarantee of a sequel. Apparently, the producers of the action are still confident that the sequel will be able to interest viewers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman