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Gina Rodriguez will violate legal ethics

Image Gina Rodriguez has starred in Warner Bros.'s upcoming long-term project. Bobby Sue. The legal drama was in development for 11 years, until Charles Stone III ("Uncle Drew") was finally appointed director.

The plot of the tape will revolve around the titular heroine, who grew up surrounded by her five bully brothers in a blue-collar-filled South Boston. Stubborn by nature, Bobby learned to be a lawyer and, working for one of the large law firms, took on a difficult case, but soon realized that she was hired solely to divert her eyes. Finding that her influential client and longtime idol is trying to hide the truth about the exploitation of workers in his company, Bobby decides to challenge himself, his company and the world, and caution and professional ethics be damned.

Gina Rodriguez earned wide fame and Golden Globe Award for her leading role in the TV series The Virgin Jane. Previously it was assumed that Hollywood star Cameron Diaz will play Bobby Sue.

Source: EmpireOnline

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