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Review of the movie Explosive blonde. Based on the video review

Review of the movie Explosive blonde. Based on the video review

The plot of the movie takes place in 1989, when only a few days are left before the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of the best MI6 agents, Lorraine Broughton, is sent on a mission to Berlin to investigate the murder of his agency man and retrieve a wanted list of double agents intent on crossing to the West.

After being released in May 2015, the movie company Focus Features acquired the rights to Anthony Jonstad's novel The Coldest City, published in 2012, and production has begun. Charlize Theron got the main role, and David Leitch took the director's chair, who for the sake of this movie, refused to collaborate with Chad Stahelski on the sequel to the movie "John Wick". Later, James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella and John Goodman joined the cast.

Filming began on 22 November 2015 in Budapest and later moved to Berlin. I admit Charlize Theron, the most difficult thing for her was to learn how to fight really hard. And in her words: "Fights were the most difficult part of the movie, you had to practice every blow and how to fight back. If you miss one hit, then the whole scene had to be re-shot.

" Charlize Theron says : “At the beginning I didn’t believe that the project would be implemented. When we started, the first weeks would be devoted to working out the fight scenes and at this time David Leitch supported me as best he could. Only after 2.5 months I was able to feel progress and was very surprised. Now I could fight the big guys, dropping them on the floor. At first I even asked David: "They don't pretend there"? And he: "No, you really became a tough fighter. "During the movieing, this whole team became a family for me, they supported me as best they could. They often asked:" How do you sleep at night after going through all these grueling movieing. "I answered:" I'm listening David Bowie. "

Charlize was surprised how men can take a punch and endure pain every time they are hit or thrown down the stairs. She worried if they were hit too hard, and after scenes she constantly asked : "Are you okay? Are you okay? "

Sophia Boutella during a behind-the-scenes interview:" I don't think there have been enough female characters in the history of cinema fighting like her. We need to have more such movies, such women do exist, and, unfortunately, there are very few movies with such characters, but I see that everything changes. " Charlize Theron says: "My character is – a trained fighter, she uses the space around her to protect herself. I did something similar, except in the movie "Aeon Flux", in which I got a neck injury. "

And this movie was not without consequences. During training in preparation for shooting, she suffered a jaw injury. and she had to urgently do two operations, and after movieing - to do three more, only plastic ones.

And in one of the interviews after the premiere, 41-year-old Charlize says: “ We always wanted to raise the bar in terms of action as high as possible to show that a woman can do it. It was important. I wanted it to look convincing so that no one doubted the abilities of women. ”Continuing the interview, Theron said,“ Ladies, I will be 42 in August, and I’m very proud of it. ”

A certain difficulty experienced in the movieing of Sophia Boutella, by her own admission, when she first had to play a love scene with the heroine Charlize Theron. "I was very nervous and embarrassed, but only Charlize's jokes helped to defuse the atmosphere, and then everything went like clockwork." , then in an interview with one TV channel she tells about the movieing of this delicate episode: “With Sofia, everything was easy for me, because we are both dancers, and such scenes need at least a little choreography. Otherwise, everything will look stupid and funny. This business has its own technical approach, so it was easy with her, because she thinks the same way as I do. We movieed this scene in just 45 minutes. But with the guys, everything is much worse and longer, because they are not dancers. "

As for our opinion about the movie, the movie turned out to be quite worthy for going to the cinema. The plot is a little boring and somewhere a little will be tightened, and the confrontation that has set the teeth on edge between the CIA, MI6 and the KGB can no longer boast of originality, but in all other respects it is a worthy fighter with a “woman's face.” Charlize, of course, skillfully approached the matter and gained amazing athletic form. And her body is not for us failed to show in the frame without clothes, and even several times.

The staging of the fights is gorgeous, and they look realistic, since the main character on the screen receives very tangible injuries, and her opponents do not immediately fall dead, but continue to fight desperately. The scenery and surroundings reflect well the realities of the late 80s. Cars, colorful carpets on the walls, electric tiles, people, clothes, moods and very well-chosen music, exactly transport us to this time. Despite the seriousness of the plot, there is subtle humor in the movie, which only adds advantages.

Director David Leitch managed to show in this movie that he can take on much more serious movies. This movie, of course, felt the limited budget. Give him free rein ....

His next picture is "Deadpool 2". And if everything goes well with her, I’m ready to cast my vote to put him in the director’s chair on the 25th James Bond movie. And it's time to give the main role to a woman, especially since there is one at the moment.

You can get acquainted with the video review of the movie " Explosive Blonde" at this link.

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