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The Creators of ”It” Found an Adult Beverly

Image Even before the premiere of the horror "It" on the Web, rumors began that the adult Beverly Marsh in the sequel to the film could be played by Jessica Chastain. And it seems that the dreams of fans of the actress are destined to come true: Chastain is in talks with New Line to get a role in the sequel. The information portal Variety reports about it.

It is noteworthy that not only ordinary viewers wanted to see the two-time Oscar nominee in the role of Beverly, but also the director Andres Muschetti, who mentioned this in his interview. Yes, and Chastain once admitted to journalists that it would be interesting for her to play "It", especially since working with Muschetti on his debut film "Mom" brought pleasure to Jessica. It was also rumored that there would be a post-credits scene with Chastain in It, but this was never confirmed.

New Line has decided to split the adaptation of Stephen King's novel into two films. And if in the first part the main characters were teenagers, then the action of the second will unfold years later, when the members of the Losers' Club have already matured and are forced to return home in order to deal with Pennywise once and for all. The image of the latter in the sequel "It" will be reincarnated by Bill Skarsgard. The participation of young actors from the first film has also been confirmed - they will be involved in flashbacks.


The premiere of the second "It" is scheduled for September 6, 2019, and filming will begin this summer. Given the success that the first part enjoyed at the box office, the creators of the film adaptation will probably want to collect a stellar cast for the sequel. As for Chastain, she still has plans for a Christmas comedy for Universal. This year, the actress was nominated for a Golden Globe for The Big Game, and will appear in the superhero blockbuster Dark Phoenix this fall.

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Author: Jake Pinkman