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Romance Gambit Goes

Image A month ago, it seemed that Remy Lebeau's solo album would never make it to the big screens. However, at first there were rumors that the studio 20th Century Fox intends to squeeze all the juices out of the mutants and still implement the planned superhero projects, and now Simon Kinberg discussed Gambit with journalists. According to the interview, the producer is quite optimistic about the film.

According to Kinberg, the studio's strategy is for the characters themselves to set the tone for the project, and therefore Gambit will gravitate towards the genre of romantic comedy, while remaining a familiar movie comic strip with its villains and heroes.

“Just look at Gambit,- said Kinberg, -he's a con and a playboy, and we think that his demeanor and smug demeanor would be perfect for a romantic comedy.”br />
The major used the same approach with respect to Logan and Deadpool. A chatty mercenary in red tights has become the central character of a vulgar comedy, Wolverine - a western, and "New Mutants" will be a horror movie. By the way, large-scale reshoots are designed to make Josh Boone's tape even more terrifying.


As for The Gambit, Kienberg claims they have a great script on hand and should start filming early next year. And in the near future, moviegoers will surely find out the name of the director.

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Author: Jake Pinkman