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Amazon will start an intergalactic war

Image The success of the television adaptation of Philip K. Dick's dystopia "The Man in the High Castle" has played a huge role in the rapid rise in popularity of the online service Amazon. Unsurprisingly, the management of the streaming giant has begun quite willingly to green-light sci-fi projects. According to Empire, Amazon has acquired the rights to film the novel by Ian M. Banks, Remember Phleb.

A literary work in the genre of space opera entered bookstore shelves in 1987. The novel is set against the backdrop of a colossal military conflict between two galactic empires. The protagonist of the story is an experienced mercenary who, commissioned by one of the warring parties, sets out on a dangerous journey in search of advanced artificial intelligence that can become the key to winning the war.

The original novel was warmly received in literary circles and served as the basis for a series of books, the plot of which covers a thousand-year history of intergalactic conflict.


Banks' book will be adapted by Dennis Kelly, creator of the conspiracy thriller Utopia. Brad Pitt's studio Plan B Entertainment will act as a partner for the Amazon online service on the series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman