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Review of the movie I would like to go to the sky. Mister Empty Backpack


The calm and thorough lawyer Ryan Bigham flies across America more than three hundred days a year, skillfully firing from client companies those employees whom their bosses themselves do not want to fire, fearing a mental breakdown or a lawsuit. Bigham lives on flights - and when his company unexpectedly announces that they are not traveling, his world begins to crumble. The critically acclaimed movie `` Up in the Sky '' was released - a contender for the main statuettes at movie awards.

The talented director Jason Reitman (for the last three movies - 12 awards and nominations for Oscars and Golden Globes) loves to oppose their heroes to the generally accepted values. A schoolgirl who has flown in wants to give a child to a childless family, a PR man defends smoking, and the hero `` I would like to heaven '' strives for loneliness, avoiding connections.

" I would like to heaven " made superbly: the flavor of real hotels, offices and airports, beautiful views of American cities from an airplane and a soulful soundtrack distinguish this picture from other ironic dramas.

Perfectly selected for the role of Bigham, George Clooney generously shared his intelligent charm with the movie. Beautiful and wildly sexy Vera Farmiga and the secondary star of the Twilight saga Anna Kendrick perfectly complements his benefit performance. There are a lot of jokes and witticisms in the dialogues, and observationally noticed images - therefore I strongly advise you not to look in the pirated translation.

You should not do this doubly, because & `` I would like to heaven '' - the movie is iconic, reflecting trends and moods, which will definitely be discussed and included in movie guides like `` Three Hundred Films You Must Watch Before You Die. ''

The fact is that the movie Reitman is the portrait of a generation of office workers raised by the noughties - as Fight Club was. Fun Trend: Fight Club came out in 1999, at the end of the 20th century, and `` I would like to heaven '' - exactly ten years later, in 2009, at the end of the first decade of the 2000s.

Comparing two portraits, two manifestos of generations of adjacent decades is a fascinating business. Values have changed dramatically, but there are some similarities; at least a sequence of ideas.

Jack, Fight Club Hero raised a rebellion against clothing slavery, aiming to get rid of Ikea tables and sofas in order to gain freedom. Reitman's movie takes this concept to the end: Ryan Bigham wants to free himself from both things and social ties, literally flying away from it all. He even came up with a special theory about a backpack, in which you need to mentally fold everything that fills your life, including loved ones too, and get rid of this burden.

His theory Bigham spends time after time at popular seminars, and proves endless flights and casual sex in hotel rooms, spending only about a month a year in his hateful house. All this should be terribly appealing to those who have never flown so much.

In Fincher's movie, the heroes, creating Fight Club, consider him their `` gift to the world '', which must find its own life. On the other hand, the hero of `` Up in the Air '' wants the world to give him gifts - in the form of special offers, points and flight miles for all kinds of cards.

Jack in " Fight club " he forced his apartment with furniture from Ikea, and the modern manager looked up from his home - he has cheap rent, rented cars, equipped rooms and comfortable chairs in business class. In the late 90s, we were each a slave to our belongings, and now - a credit, savings and bonus card, languishing over our points like Kaschey.

In 1991, Bodhi worried that the human spirit will die. In 1999, Jack - that we are not in demand and have become slaves to their sofas. In 2009 Ryan Bigham preaches an easy life and free love (striving for only one, that is, ten million miles on his map), but in reality he dreams of falling headlong in love with the first soul mate he meets, making a nest with her and spitting on all theories. And this makes him - a portrait of a generation - not a man with an empty backpack walking light, but a dummy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman