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Atypical Superheroes

Image Hollywood today does not experience a shortage of superhero films, but every major studio dreams of creating its own successful franchise about people with supernormal abilities. To differentiate themselves from competitors, producers prefer unusual stories, and this Legendary found among the works of Jeff Lemire, one of the best modern comic book authors.

According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has acquired the rights to film a series of graphic novels called "Black Hammer" (Black Hammer). At the same time, Legendary is going to adapt the comic for both large and small screens. According to the major, the original is an epic saga, in which stories of the past and the present are intertwined, and which goes beyond the superhero genre.

The idea of creating the "Black Hammer" came to Lemir back in 2007. However, work on parallel projects, an exclusive contract with DC and other obligations prevented the author from realizing his plans. As a result, it took Lemir almost ten years, but "Black Hammer" still went to press.

A cursing nine-year-old with a craving for alcohol and cigarettes, a gay Martian, an adult woman locked in a young body - this is not a complete list of the colorful characters of the Black Hammer. Once they were heroes and saved their hometown from absolute evil, but for unknown reasons they ended up on a farm from where they have been unable to get out for ten years. It would seem worth enjoying an idyllic life in the wilderness, but the main characters are trying with all their might to escape from this strange hell. At the same time, the mysterious stranger is making every effort to bring them back to the real world for a final adventure.


The original comic is popular with readers. It has won two prestigious Eisner awards and spawned three spin-offs, so it's no surprise that Legendary is going to create an entire franchise based on it, and Jeff Lemire will produce it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman