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The feds took DiCaprio's Oscar

Image The owner of almost a hundred different film awards was involved in a large-scale fraud case. For such an unflattering association, the actor can thank the fugitive Malaysian businessman Low Tek Joe, who presented DiCaprio with the Oscar statuette, once presented to Marlon Brando. According to The New York Times, Lowe was arrested as one of the suspects in a multi-billion dollar embezzlement case. According to the prosecution, he, together with the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak, withdrew money from the state investment fund.

Lowe spent the stolen goods on luxury goods and expensive gifts. He bought a yacht for $ 250 million, a private jet Bombardier, works of art worth $ 200 million and the aforementioned Oscar, which Marlon Brando received in 1954 for his painting At the Port. Lowe also donated a Picasso painting to DiCaprio. Illegally acquired wealth was used, among other things, to finance movies, among which was "The Wolf of Wall Street", which brought the actor an Oscar nomination. Lowe transferred funds through the distribution company Red Granite Pictures, which also produced Hello Dad New Year and Dumb and Dumber 2.


Leonardo DiCaprio gave the feds everything he received from Lowe. As for the Oscar, he may soon return to the Film Academy, which has the right to redeem any statuette for just one dollar, if the award winners and their heirs intend to sell it to a private collection.

The Topic of Article: The feds took DiCaprio's Oscar.
Author: Jake Pinkman