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Hurvinek starts and loses

Image Cartoon "Hurvinek. Magic Game ”failed at the box office, having collected over the past weekend about 14 million rubles, which is almost half the projected amount. The Ministry of Culture blames the producers for this, who, according to the director of the cinematography department Olga Lyubimova, made a number of "consistent and gross mistakes".

For a month, the Ministry of Culture has been negotiating with the project's producers, distributors and representatives of cinemas in order to find the best solution for the release dates of the cartoon, but it did not succeed in meeting the requirements of all participants in the process.

The producers pointed out that they received the right to rent in early March according to the law, and insisted on the start of showing the cartoon on March 7. Most of the private cinema chains, including the Cinema Owners Association, as well as three companies: Cinema Star, Karo and Kinomax, fundamentally disagreed with this, since the premiere of the Royal Corgi cartoon was scheduled for the same date. Thus, for the first time in the history of USA film distribution, a boycott of a domestic film was announced due to attempts to shift the release date of a foreign competitor.


On March 1, the Volga company revoked the rental certificate for the Royal Corgi show, while the Ministry of Culture referred to a government decree that allows the premiere of any film to be banned if a domestic project is scheduled to be released on that date. Film distributors called the current system of issuing distribution certificates nothing more than an attempt to censor by the cultural department, to which its head Vladimir Medinsky replied that he would “do everything in the interests of USA cinema, but not in the interests of Hollywood", And such a licensing and rental system"has nothing to do with censorship".

As a result of the boycott, the cartoon “Hurvinek. The Magic Game "co-produced by USA, Czech Republic and Belgium was shown in 743 theaters out of 1900. The premiere of" Royal Corgi "is scheduled for March 21 this year.

Source: RIA Novosti

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