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The Musketeers: Mission Impossible

Image The novel "The Three Musketeers" is one of the most screened works of literature, and over the past 100 years, its heroes have moved many times from book pages to large and small screens. This fact, however, is not an obstacle for Netflix: the streaming service is preparing its own version of The Three Musketeers.

Netflix executives bought a screenplay entry from aspiring author Harrison Quiry. What the story of the legendary Musketeers sees the screenwriter is still unclear. The journalists managed to find out only that the adaptation action will unfold in our time, and in spirit it will remind moviegoers of the Mission: Impossible franchise.

Perhaps the modern viewer is closer to the entourage of the 21st century than the times of King Louis XIII, but this approach is at least puzzling. Does it make sense to call the film an adaptation if the era and all the accompanying elements are changed in it, and the musketeers are left without swords and hats and, possibly, will turn into some kind of special agents. The Three Musketeers is an open source novel, which means that even if the Netflix project borrows some ideas from Alexander Dumas's book, no one will accuse them of plagiarism.


The most recent full-length adaptation of Dumas's work is the 2011 film by Paul W.S. Anderson. The film starring Logan Lerman, Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich received mostly negative reviews due to its unoriginal approach, vague acting work and old-fashioned visual style. Apparently, the Netflix bosses saw the solution to all these problems in making D'Artagnan the new Ethan Hunt.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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