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Michael Bay is done with Transformers

Image The well-known franchise about transforming robots has been replenished for ten years, and now, according to the authors, has already exhausted itself. In this regard, director Michael Bay announced its completion: now he intends to send the Autobots and Decepticons along a different path.

The latest installment in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, proved to be a financial flop for Paramount Studios and received unflattering reviews from critics. All this prompted the creators to arrange the continuation of the story in a different way. In 2018, the first offshoot of the transformer universe was released - the painting "Bumblebee" by Travis Knight. In the story, a girl named Charlie finds a Volkswagen Beetle in a junkyard and decides to give it to herself for her 18th birthday. Soon she realizes that she got an unusual car. Charlie has yet to find out that the alien Bumblebee now lives in her garage, who flew to Earth, hiding from pursuit.


The film received modest grosses but was praised by audiences and critics alike, setting the stage for a new possible franchise. Nevertheless, the future of the universe is still uncertain. A few weeks ago, one of the producers of "Trasfrmer" and "Bumblebee" Lorenzo Di Bonaventura reported that the sequels to "Bumblebee" and the fifth part of "Transformers" are now in development, but the other day he announced that Michael Bay had completed the franchise:“Michael made it clear that he no longer wants to continue. And I don't blame him. He spent a hell of a lot of time, ten whole years, filming the franchise. ”.

Currently, Paramount's top priority is continuing the beloved Bumblebee story, and fans of the universe are eagerly awaiting Optimus Prime in the next installment.

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