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War is the most profitable business

Image It seems that the owners of the corporation Activision Blizzard have no doubt that they will be able to break the curse hanging over the Hollywood film adaptations of popular video games. Three years ago, the famous gaming company announced a film based on the popular Call of Duty shooter series. Although the film still does not have a distributor and not a single actor attached to the project, the Activision Blizzard Film Department has already begun work on its sequel.

Last spring it became known that the gaming company expects to build on the basis of Call of Duty a cinematic universe in the spirit of Marvel's "Avengers". The first film in the series was written by Kieran Fitzgerald (Snowden) and directed by Stefano Sollima (Killer 2. Against All).

As for the sequel, Joe Robert Cole will invent its plot. The talented author's name became known to the general public in 2016, when he received an Emmy nomination for his work on the first season of the brilliant television anthology American Crime Story. Cole's career took off, and soon he was invited to write the script for the Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther.


The first part of the Call of Duty game series was released in 2003. At the moment, the franchise has 15 main games and a dozen spin-offs, which have sold a total circulation of 250 million copies. According to preliminary information, the shooting of the starting film of the militaristic cinematic universe Activision Blizzard will begin next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman