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Fasten your seat belts! JetX is out today

Image On Cosmonautics Day, the release of the ambitious JetX project from the Singularity Lab and Fibrum interactive laboratory is released. JetX is a new racing arena-shooter where players will fight each other in zero gravity using unique futuristic weapons, as well as race at space speeds. One of the main features of JetX is the wide range of game modes that allow you to play it as a shooter, race, co-op against bosses or even all at once. A variety of arenas and tracks, a game against artificial intelligence or real players, hot shootouts and races at incredible speeds - the game will appeal to those who dreamed of a cool old-school arena shooter and battle race. It was created for everyone who loves space speeds and battles in zero gravity.

"JetX was well received by the players during the tests," says Damir Sayfullin, CEO of Singularity Lab. -We hope that the high level of competition and balance based not on the pay-to-win system, but on pure skill, will allow players to get a unique experience of combining classic hard-to-master with modern easy-to-start "< / i>.

Key features of JetX are a variety of game modes (race, arena, deathmatch, Energy Core and PvE), flying PVP battles with other players, high competitiveness, six different types of weapons and various amplifiers for hot shootouts, a live leaderboard, complete freedom of movement in three dimensions, a variety of racing tracks and maps for PvP, artificial intelligence with which it is really interesting to compete, play solo or with friends.

JetX Racing Arena Shooter

The game is available on Steam for PC via the link:

You can find more details about JetX here:

Singularity Lab is an interactive laboratory that develops games and applications in virtual reality. The lab team are experienced gamers who want to make fair games where skill matters most.

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