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USAn box office: viewers are losing weight together by summer

Image A few weeks ago, when the whole country celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day, the proceeds of cinemas amounted to about 1.14 billion rubles. Of course, the distributors expected to receive a similar amount over the past holiday weekend. The weekend was really good. The total box office receipts of cinemas grew by 58% compared to the previous week and amounted to 1.28 billion rubles. This is the second result this year after the first weekend in January, when viewers spent about RUB 1.89 billion on going to the cinema.

What can not but rejoice, once again this year the box office was headed by a USA-made picture - the comedy "I'm losing weight". The plot of the film revolves around the girl Ani, who, perhaps, loves only food more than her boyfriend, which, of course, affects her figure. When a sports lover leaves a girl because of excess weight, she decides to pull herself together and, with the support of her friend and the good-natured fellow Kolya, who is keen on a healthy lifestyle, move towards her goal. The director's chair of the film was taken by Alexei Nuzhny, and the role of the main character of the life-affirming story was played by Alexandra Bortich, who for the sake of the project gained more than 20 kg. Also in the picture you can see Irina Gorbacheva, Evgeny Kulik, Roman Kurtsyn and Sergei Shnurov.


During the premiere weekend, the film "I'm Losing Weight" was able not only to surpass all the wildest expectations and forecasts of film analysts, but also to set a new record, showing the best result of the first day among our films in the entire modern history of USA film distribution. The picture was released on March 8 and was able to collect 107 million rubles for a festive Thursday, overtaking such films as "Ice" (90 million rubles), "Viy" (89 million rubles) and "Stalingrad" (81 million rubles. ). In just four days, a romantic comedy with a budget of about 100 million rubles. managed to master more than 336 million rubles. The light spring melodrama with elements of comedy definitely fell in love with the audience, in their reviews they note the cast of the film, humor, as well as a seemingly banal, but important message about self-love.


On the second line is another novelty of the past week - the fantasy "Wrinkle in Time" from the Disney studio. The film, based on the book of the same name by the American writer Madeleine L'Engle, tells the story of a girl named Meg, who, together with her younger brother and school friend, sets out to find her father, who disappeared during a scientific experiment. Friends will have to find themselves in the mysterious twists of time and save the world from danger, defeating the darkness spreading throughout the universe. The film was directed by Oscar nominee Ava DuVerney, and the main roles went to the young Storm Reid, Levi Miller and Deryck McCabe, who were accompanied by Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Keiling and Chris Pine. Unlike the leader of the box office, “Broken Time” failed to meet the expectations of film analysts. Instead of the projected 280-300 million rubles. for the premiere weekend the film was able to collect only 255 million rubles. A bright and beautiful trailer promised the audience a real family fairy tale, but in the end they left the halls in complete disappointment, calling the picture's only advantage - the visual range. Reviewers complain about the disgusting script, stupid dialogues and flat characters, reproach the tape for excessive pathos and lack of logic in everything that happens.


The eighteenth movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe "Black Panther" is slowly but surely moving towards the billionth mark. For the third week of rental, Ryan Coogler's tape sales dropped by 44% and amounted to 181 million rubles. In total, the blockbuster about the young prince of Wakanda has already managed to master 988 million rubles.


The sports melodrama "Ice" has moved from the second line to the fourth. The tape has been in the top five box office leaders for a month now, and, what is remarkable, its box office receipts for the fourth week of distribution did not fall, but on the contrary grew by 15%. Over the holiday weekend, the figure skaters in love were able to earn an additional 134 million rubles, thereby bringing the total box office of the USA film to 1.43 billion rubles. Considering that the phenomenal "Upward Movement", which currently has collected 3.04 billion rubles, was released on December 28, then among the releases of this year, "Ice" is still the most box-office successful film.


The thriller "Passenger" closes the five leaders of the past week. According to the plot, the hero of Liam Neeson travels to work on the same train every day, in the company of long-familiar passengers. And then one day a mysterious stranger (Vera Farmiga) invites him to participate in an experiment and find a certain person on the train, thereby dragging the hero into a deadly conspiracy. "The Passenger" is the fourth collaboration between Neeson and the Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra and shows itself much better at the box office than its predecessors. Analysts predicted the film's grosses in the region of 50 million rubles, but he also managed to collect about 68 million rubles for the premiere weekend. Whereas "Air Marshal" in 2014 began its march through cinemas with a mark of 56 million rubles. and received a total of 125 million rubles., and "Unknown" and "Night Runner" collected 55 million rubles each. and 54 million rubles. respectively. The audience accepted the new picture as a whole positively. Of course, she did not offer anything new for the genre, and Liam Neeson in the role of a father, who enters into a battle with criminals to save his family, has been seen many times before. Nevertheless, reviewers note an intriguing detective line and well-filmed action, which make the film quite interesting to watch and even exciting in places.

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