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Did Disney find their Snow White?

Image It seems that following an encounter with aliens and a trip to the 90s in the superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel, Brie Larson may be looking forward to a voyage into the fairy-tale world of the Brothers Grimm. Disney Film Facts shares rumors that the Walt Disney Studios are considering an Oscar-winning actress for the role of Snow White in the fantasy movie Rose *.

Work on a painting based on German folklore and the cartoon "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" started in April 2014. It is expected that the main heroine of the story will be Snow White's sister, who in USA translations of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales is most often called Rosochka or Krasnosor'ka. When Snow White eats an enchanted apple and falls into a magical dream, Rose will have to find the seven dwarfs and find a way to save her sister ...

The legendary 1937 cartoon brought Walt Disney an honorary Oscar and became the highest-grossing sound film of its time. Taking into account re-releases, he earned more than $ 418 million at the worldwide box office with a budget of $ 1.5 million.


The concept of the film about the adventures of Rosette was invented by Evan Dougherty, who is quite familiar with the legacy of the Brothers Grimm while working on the "Snow White and the Huntsman." Christine Gore (Futurama) wrote the latest script for the fabulous blockbuster.

It seems odd that Disney intends to take on an actress Larson's caliber in a supporting role. It is possible that the management of the film company will offer Bree a contract for several films at once. In this case, the actress can return to the image of the Disney princess in the game version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", which was announced a few months after "Rose".


The start date for filming "Rosette" has not yet been announced, but Hollywood insiders claim that the Walt Disney empire has already begun searching for a director and performer for the title role.

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