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Screen Gems gathers a squad of monster hunters

Image The adaptations of video games are still considered a risky venture, so the Screen Gems studio decided to use the services of professionals and hired the family duo to work on the tape based on the Monster Hunter franchise, which gave the world the film series Resident Evil. As it became known to The Hollywood Reporter, director Paul W.S. Anderson began to select screen partners for his wife Milla Jovovich.

The first monster hunter game went on sale in 2004 and quickly gained immense popularity in Asia. Since then, Monster Hunter has evolved into a massive media franchise, which, in addition to numerous sequels and spin-offs of the original video game, includes manga, comics and a series of short films. In 2012, Capcom announced its desire to film its hit and began negotiations with Anderson. For six long years, the fate of the film project was in limbo, until this spring at the Cannes Film Festival it was announced that the producers finally found investors who had allocated $ 60 million for the creation of a fantasy action movie.

The details of the plot of the film are still kept secret, but the names of the first members of its cast are definitely capable of setting movie fans and gamers in a positive way. The company of Mille Jovovich, who will appear on the screen as a huntress with the eloquent nickname Artemis, will be composed of rapper and actor Ti-Ai (Ant-Man and the Wasp), martial artist Tony Jha (Ong Bak) and the star of the Sons of Anarchy series "And" Startup "Ron Perlman.


According to preliminary information, the central male character of the picture will be the Hunter performed by Tony Jah. Ti-I will play the sniper Link, and Perlman will reincarnate as the leader of a group of monster fighters named Admiral.

Filming for the Monster Hunter film adaptation will begin next month in South Africa.

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Author: Jake Pinkman