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USAn Box Office: Grandma Saves Leningrad

Image While the rental is taking a break from high-profile premieres, domestic cinema comes to the fore, offering the viewer projects of all kinds of genres - from war drama to horror. This year, the sixth week out of seven has been left for our film. Moreover, half of the top 10 of the past weekend are representatives of the domestic film industry, which accounted for almost 50% of the proceeds. True, the total collection of cinemas leaves much to be desired: over the weekend, about 620 million rubles were collected at the box office, and this is the worst result since November last year. However, it is easy to find an explanation for this situation - just look at the session schedule.

The top five for the weekend (January 31 - February 3) is as follows:

1. "Grandmother of easy virtue 2. Elderly Avengers"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 101.5 million rubles.
Total fees: 369.4 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-52.3%)

The comedy of Marius Weisberg retained its leadership in the USA box office, while losing half of the audience. However, the creators of the picture were hardly upset by this fact, since the sequel has already overtaken the first "Grandmother of easy virtue", which completed the rental at around 348.4 million rubles. If this continues, the "Elderly Avengers" will raise about 470 million rubles.

2. "Save Leningrad"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 88.4 million rubles.
Total fees: 128.4 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

The tape "Save Leningrad" performed slightly weaker than "Indestructible" (96.4 million rubles) and "Earthquake" (97.2 million rubles). And although the war drama by Alexei Kozlov was initially considered the favorite of the weekend, even according to the results of the previews it became clear that the film did not interest the audience. It is unlikely that an abundance of negative reviews will help to improve the situation.

3. "Green Book"


Week at the box office: 2
Added: 81.1 million rubles.
Total fees: 177.8 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: +1 (+ 21.3%)

The drama continues to demonstrate miracles in the turns of the USA box office. In the presence of strong competitors, the picture of Peter Farrelli managed to climb one step in the financial ranking. One of the main favorites of the future Oscar ceremony has already surpassed the last year's prize winner - "Form of Water" with its 141.8 million rubles.

4. "Family Fast"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: 50 million rubles.
Total fees: 50 million rubles.
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Another comedy by Sean Anders with Mark Wahlberg in the title role started neither shaky nor roll. In the United States, the premiere of "Fast Family" took place in November last year, but the film has only reached domestic cinemas just now. If we compare the film with the previous collaborations of the actor and the director, the film “Hello, Dad, New Year” and its sequel, then “Family in a Fast” is still significantly behind them.

5. "Glass"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: 49.8 million rubles.
Total fees: 671.4 million rubles.
Lowered / Up: -3 (-63.8%)

This weekend, M. Night Shyamalan's thriller could not oppose anything to competitors. The loss of most of the spectators led to the fact that "Glass" dropped several positions at once. At the same time, the film will soon reach the mark of 700 million rubles, and this result can be considered quite successful.

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Author: Jake Pinkman