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Top 250. ”Zombie named Sean” winner

Image Imagine that from childhood you loved comics and science fiction, played the console, each time gaining more and more points for killed zombies, spent time with great friends who loved the same thing as you. And you managed to carry all this through youth into adulthood.

But suddenly it turned out that 30 years is just around the corner, people around you consider you a failure, your interests are infantile, and your friends are idiots. Indeed, in their opinion, in this world it is necessary to make a career, buy expensive cars and despise those who are lower in social status. But you love your life so much and you don't see any reason to change anything at all. And then an understanding comes to you: everyone around is just zombies!


Actually, this is what happens to the protagonist of the movie "Zombie Called Sean". Sean (Simon Pegg) works as a sales assistant at a hardware store, and spends every evening in a pub next to his house with a beer and the hapless best friend Ed (Nick Frost). They love to hang out in slot machines, watch TV and shoot computer monsters. All is well, but one day Sean is dumped by his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield). In addition, at work he is humiliated by young subordinates, his stepfather gets him reproaches, a neighbor from above scolds him for the mess ... At this time on TV they report that the streets are flooded with zombies. The heroes finally take their eyes off the screen and notice that computer games have come to life. Now they will have to actually defend themselves from the dead, the best way to defeat them is “

Sean the Zombie is the first film in the unofficial Edgar Wright trilogy Three Tastes of Cornetto , followed by Like cool cops "and" Armageddian ". The name comes from the name of the ice cream that the main characters eat in all three films (in " Zombie named Sean " - strawberry, red hints at the abundance of blood). In general, this harmless idea with ice cream contains the very idea of the trilogy - the impenetrable and mind-blowingly funny infantilism of its heroes and, apparently, the creators.

The duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost directed by Wright grew out of Fucked Up ( Spaced b>) where they first worked together. In fact, "Sean" is a full-length spiritual sequel to the series, also telling about the English youth of 25-30 years old, who, without success, but with a fair amount of self-irony, overcome the pressure of reality. The viewer seems to find himself in the world of his own familiar problems.

And then there's the familiar cast: Dylan Moran, Peter Serafinovich, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman - these British comedians from the TV series have played together more than once, and their new collaboration on the screen occasionally echoes the previous one. So, in the final of the film everyone is saved by the old friend of Sean - Yvonne . Her image was embodied by Jessica Hines, who played the main female role - the girl Daisy in " Fuckers ". This is a direct reference to the series: in the film, the characters meet as old friends, and even the relationship between them is still the same friendly unsaid.


Many of the plot details also have their backstory in Fucked Up . The pub " Winchester ", where Sean and Ed hang out, is very similar to the one in which the characters of the series spend their time. The film begins with Sean being thrown by a girl, and the same theme runs through the episodes of Spaced . Sean , like the serial Tim , is raised by his stepfather. Even the military theme, on which Mike is obsessed in the series, is reflected in the film - in the image of Yvonne . In addition, the roles of street zombies were played by numerous fans of “ Fucking ”.


The musical context of the film deserves special attention. The records with which the heroes defend themselves against zombies will undoubtedly delight audiophiles: `` Blue Monday ''; from New Order and " Purple Rain " from Prince . All this, however, along with Shade and the soundtrack to " Batman ". And the composition " Ghost Town " performed by The Specials , which runs through the entire film, expresses its essence: the government does not think about the youth, and they have to survive in this city, which has turned into a ghost town. There is too much aggression around, people are tired, there is no normal work, and so on ...


The modern world zombies everyone. But the film is not about how to keep yourself in a consumer society. Hone your movements a little - and the heroes themselves will easily pass for zombies, and Ed even the dead will play the console. This is just a good banter in the best traditions of English humor over the guys living in the world of comics and computer games. They have fun and do not grow up, drink beer and gnaw nuts, fight zombies all night long. Only in this world can they prove to the girl what they are capable of, become real kings (of the dead) and send everyone away. They don't need to assert themselves anymore.


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To be continued!

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