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An immediate bomb. Review of ”Explosive Blonde”

Image The film "Spy, Get Out!", Directed by Thomas Alfredson several years ago based on the book by John le Carre, has returned the interest of viewers to the genre of spy thriller. Since then, tapes about international conspiracies and double agents, but not about "mix, but not shake", come out with enviable consistency. David Leitch decided not to stand aside and released the spy action Explosive Blonde .

1989. At MI6 headquarters, agent Lorraine Broughton , who has just returned from a mission in Berlin, is interrogated. Her mission was to find a certain list, which lists all the active agents of several intelligence services, and to identify a dishonest colleague who works on two sides at once. Given that more than one person was injured during the operation, management intends to hear from Lorraine a detailed report ...

Blistering Blonde is the first independent directorial work of David Leitch , who in 2014, in tandem with Chad Stahelski, introduced the world to John Wick . The main role was played by the luxurious Charlize Theron. Her partners on the site were James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella, Eddie Marsan, John Goodman, Bill Skarsgard and Toby Jones. Till Schweiger was impressively silent in several episodes.


In the first scene of the film, one secret agent kills another, and in the second, a naked Charlize Theron drinks Stolichnaya with ice and gathers for a conversation with the management. From the outset, Litch brings a provocative contrast to the fore, which lasts until the end credits. The citation Niccolo Machiavelli comes after a discussion of pornographer Larry Flynt, Theron fights with men and makes love to a woman, and the action scene can be set against the backdrop of Tarkovsky's "Stalker" or under the `` Finicky Horses '' Vladimir Semenovich.

Speaking of action. David Leitch is a stuntman and stunt coordinator by his first profession, and in Explosive Blonde he demonstrated his skills and abilities to the fullest. Moreover, he does not lay out all the cards at the beginning, but saves the most interesting for the last quarter of the film. A four-minute action scene shot in one take, during which Theron fights, shoots, misses a couple of dozen hits and bleeds, is also worth a lot. The cinematography, well-coordinated work of extras and a refined production make the scene rich and memorable. After what he saw, it becomes clear that the stunts and fights shown in John Wick are far from the limit of Leitch's directorial potential, and Hollywood has become one step closer to the overwhelming realism of the Indonesian Raid dilogy.


In between episodes of the massacre, the viewer will not be bored either. Despite the obvious bet on action, the director does not forget about the plot. The main character follows only one rule - “do not trust anyone” - and this rule largely determines the course of events. The authors show the viewer that in any situation you can move in several directions, and each will lead to the desired outcome. True, in one you can be deceived about who is nearby, in another, you can completely fail the task, and in the third, you can find out that the task is not at all a priority. The same case when you consider yourself the king of the situation, because you have collected a royal flush, and you are being mated. Not le Carre , but also very decent.

Speaking of actors, after filming Mad Max, Charlize Theron is perceived by many as a potential star of action films. A few months ago in the eighth "Fast and the Furious" the actress also fought a little and shot, and in "Explosive Blonde" her potential in this role was fully revealed. And if action films with her participation begin to appear regularly, there will be nothing surprising in this. It feels like Theron took the role very seriously. Moreover, she paid maximum attention to physical training. The rest of the actors are in their places, but there is nothing original in their acting. The image of McAvoy in this film is an exploitation of the facets of his character from "The Dirt". Schweiger is meaningfully silent and purses his lips. Lovely

Considering that the action of the picture takes place in 1989, music becomes the main assistant of Leitch in conveying the spirit of the era. Queen, George Michael, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran - this is not a complete list of performers whose compositions sound in "Blonde" . And the music, combined with acidic neon signs against the backdrop of gray and inhospitable Berlin, in which people are killed on the streets, police brutality is found at every turn, and residents are about to tear down the famous wall - another manifestation of contrast. The development that leaves an imprint after viewing. Not every stage director can boast of such attention to creating an atmosphere.


Summing up, we can say that even without his partner Stahelski , director David Leitch is not lost, but he feels very confident. And we are definitely waiting for the next work of the director. Regardless of whether this is a sequel to "Explosive Blonde" or a project that has nothing to do with her.

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Author: Jake Pinkman