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And we could play a nocturne

Image The movie The Sounds of Noise is a sweet, albeit slightly angular, essay on where a pathological love of music can lead.

Six drummers are going to form one team and are planning a big city tour with several numbers. Only as musical instruments, they intend to use anything other than the musical instruments themselves: for example, the stomach of a sleeping patient, a jackhammer or an excavator bucket. In a fit of their inspiration, they almost killed a man and destroyed the valuable monument "Boy with a Horn". Therefore, the policeman Amadeus (Bengt Nilsson) was sent to capture the vandal musicians, who had personal scores with music in general.

But love sometimes does interesting things to a person, and as a result, the fan of silence and hater of "musical shit" Amadeus Vanderbring surpassed those whom he was chasing, having performed an unprecedented act of art. Moreover, he persuaded his brother, a classical conductor with a classic sour face of an intelligent snob, to a hooligan performance.
Sounds of Noise was born out of the popular 2001 short, Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, which has mesmerized thousands of YouTube users. But if that short film is just a beautiful clip for the eye and pleasing to the ear, then the film is also satire, firstly, on contemporary art and its most extreme manifestations, and secondly, on all police detectives put together. And thirdly, no matter how paradoxical it may be - to admirers and connoisseurs of classical music ("I love Haydn! I have all his albums!")

In addition, The Sounds of Noise has a gripping plot that more than compensates for some of the sagging of the acting and the "castrated" love affair. However, sagging is forgivable, because the roles were played by musicians, not actors, so playing on something (or someone) is more important here than playing someone.

ImageBy the way, thanks to the plot and rhythmic musical numbers (which are not even so much nice to listen to, how much to watch), after watching the film there is no “art house” aftertaste. The film is very lively, dynamic and kind, as if it were a cinematic reincarnation of The Sound of Music. And the ending of "Sounds of Noise" is worthy - sweet and touching. And as soon as the final composition ends ( Six Drummers , "Electric Love" ), there is an irresistible desire to quickly throw it into the player and put it on "repeat". Along with the rest of the soundtrack, of course.

Sounds of Noise is a movie for those who appreciate European humor, ease of storytelling and originality of ideas. Needless to say that this film is a godsend for everyone who lives and breathes music?

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Author: Jake Pinkman