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Loki and the Mole. Vampirology by Jarmusch

Image Detroit night with a smack of iron on the tongue ... Christopher Marlowe's conspiratorial delirium, Schubert's violin quintet, the hopeless selfishness of Byron . Yes, for the inexperienced viewer, a new film by very independent director Jim Jarmusch can cause yawning or an inferiority complex.

But there are such cinephiles who are bursting with burning curiosity: where to go to the accomplished 61-year-old artist, who has proved everything and everything long ago? What else can he surprise, and can he at all? So, the movie Only Lovers Alive is for them. And also for viewers who do not hesitate that they have not read all the world's literature, and are eager to dilute the endless marathon of watching Hollywood with something refined and gentle.

ImageHonestly, Tom Hiddleston's fans have nothing to profit from in this film. The popularly beloved Loki gave the creator at full disposal only his natural ability to gothic"stick around, avoiding the injection", and he didn't need to play anything extraordinary. The contrast that they formed with Tilda Swinton, similar to a thousand-year-old giant mole, played for him. Here, the "ugliness" of the actress, recorded by sexist magazines, is brought to such an outrageous level that her Eve catches the eye like blood in the snow or an iguana in the subway.

And for fans of fashionable movie stories about vampires, the subtle playing with Jarmusch of the life and way of life of blood-sucking people will not seem funny. It's funny whenhomevideoCameron Diaz is spreading through the "cloud", and to decipher the cultural background you have to strain. Or google all those Doctors of Caligari and Stephen Dedalov , which, in fact, for many today means tense.


As with most of the director's films, the main characters in the film simply live their own slightly strange lives. The objects take their place, the musicians play their music, and the plot is not burdened with exciting twists. And it makes no sense to describe it, you get something like"there were two vampires, and then a relative came to them."


But, as always with Jim , at the output we somehow get a whole picture, visually flawless and permeated with meanings. Taking two of the coldest creatures in the world - pale tired vampires - and turning them into such voluntary exiles in the human world, Jarmusch made perhaps his warmest, soulful, sentimental film.

ImageAfter all, in fact, not lovers, but those who love each other for years (or, as in the case of vampires, for centuries), as if separated from everyone else by an invisible dome. From optimists who are still looking for their love, and poor fellows who are already desperate to find it."Lovers"live by their own rules, talk about things that only they can understand, and very painfully experience the invasion of alien elements under their dome. Even as charmingly capricious as Mia Wasikowska. And when food, water, sunshine and common sense run out,“lovers”will become donors and vampires for each other, and so they will survive. Broken Flowers didn't have the same mood, didn't it?

"Only lovers will survive" enchants with its tired humility in relation to, to put it mildly, the absurdity of human existence. He tells us about accepting our place, whatever it may be, in the world of zombie people. These are not vampires - the dead, but those who spread rot on the greatest scientists and turned theaters into parking lots. So the creator who proved everything and everything remained true to his ideals: he continues to shoot witty, philosophical, nostalgic, touching, a little old-fashioned films.


However, he managed to surprise: with this ribbon of his Jarmusch he downright ennobled, gave poetry and symbolism to the hackneyed vampire theme. And at the same time he himself was a little sad. After all, who, if not an indie director, is personified by this analog vampire Adam , who does not accept modern technologies and hides his work in a safe? It is these aspects, and not at all another inventory of Jim's musical and literary passions , that make the picture pulsate in its own rhythm, make it alive and even life-giving. And the taste of iron on the tongue no longer seems so out of place ...


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Author: Jake Pinkman