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Review of the movie Only Lovers Alive. Is immortality annoying?


The space of vampire cinema has been replenished with another movie — languid melodrama with deep philosophical overtones from Jim Jarmusch `` Only lovers will survive. ''


Jarmusch's movies are always shrouded in a philosophical and mystical halo, apparently the blood of the Old World and German ancestors do not give him dissolve in the economic realities of Hollywood, forcing them to return again and again to the topic of the meaning of life in their low-budget. Not being blockbusters, his paintings nevertheless instantly become cult, meet very warmly at prestigious festivals. And new and new generations of moviegoers flock to them like wasps for sweets: "Stranger than in Paradise", "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Night on Earth", "Dead Man", "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Only Lovers Left Alive was also nominated for the Palme d'Or Cannes Film Festival 2013. This is the love story of vampires Adam and Eve (Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton), who got married back in 1868 and have been on a honeymoon for centuries. True, at the beginning of the movie we find the cheerful Eve in Tangier, and the depressive-elegiac Adam in the modern half-abandoned Detroit, which now, as we know, is really going through hard times and is slowly becoming a popular Hollywood set. They have a languid, relaxed, sluggish existence with the stamp of fatigue from the past centuries. Adam writes music, more and more with a funeral bias, and Eve is simply sybaritic.

There are two problems: in a civilized way (after all, the third millennium is in the yard) to provide themselves with contentment and to dispel boredom. The first is easier to solve, among the despicable `` zombies '', as they disparagingly call you and me, people, there are quite cute individuals, for example, working in clinics and dealing with blood. Boredom is more difficult. Adam and Eve survived the Middle Ages, the Inquisition, the Tatar-Mongol invasion, and without enthusiasm, they turn back and forth the clock with the sands of the times when the last grain of sand will fall to the bottom. For a moment, this slow existence is broken at the behest of screenwriter Jim Jarmusch. He brings together the spouses and Eve's younger sister, Avie (Mia Wasikowska). The latter has not yet entered the age of measured calm and provokes some crisis, which the couple of vampires must overcome.

Already from the description of the synopsis, it is clear that Jarmusch's bored lovers for centuries are a metaphor for civilized humanity, which has already invented, invented and tried everything, and amuses itself now in a cozy era with a look, scolding the gloomy Byron and the most discussed literary `` screen '' William Shakespeare, praising the singer of relativity Einstein and classical music, discussing hardwoods, the evolution of musical instruments, the decline of industrial Detroit, and god knows what else. Jarmusch casually touches the mass of 'cultural' so he does it quite gracefully, more gracefully than Lars von Trier in Nymphomaniac. Eve is friends in Tangier with Keith Marlowe (John Hurt), yes, the same ardent opponent of Shakespeare. And when you fly from Detroit to Tangier, it turns out that she has a passport in the name of Daisy Buchanan!

The movie is very similar to a languid meditation, which would not have been so exciting if not for Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. Tilda — The English exotic flower is probably a pale white rose, because the British compare all their successful movie actresses with roses, but she does not pull a red rose like Rosamund Pike, Romola Garay or Juno Temple. A hereditary aristocrat, she seems to be born to play the most unusual characters in the most incredible circumstances, which she successfully does throughout her acting career, only occasionally setting foot on the solid ground of today's reality, such as in the movie Michael Clayton. Hiddleston does not have such deep aristocratic roots, but on the screen he is always emphatically aristocratic. Both like purebred cats move lazily across the screen space in a slow-motion whimsical dance, interrupted by short lines. There is no need to say much, the spouses have long discussed everything and feel a partner in a half-glance. For a short moment, their well-coordinated duet dilutes Mia Wasikowska with merry vanity.

A little about the space in which they waltz. Their apartments look like the shops of a crazy antiquarian, a crazy junk dealer or an intelligent Moscow old woman. An eclectic mix of centuries and styles, stacks of books to the ceiling, there is only modern minimalism. And the picturesque nightlife of Tangier and Detroit, the deserted narrow streets of the first and the abandoned buildings of the second, from the operator Yorick Le Saux. Exotic and eclectic, like everything else, so is the soundtrack by the composer Joseph van Wissem.

" Only lovers survive " the picture is purely author's, falling out of the modern drive due to its philosophical slowness, but certainly attractive, stylish; nostalgic, perhaps for the past, but at the same time, not without optimism, hinting at the unity and integrity of the entire cultural space of humanity from Adam to the present day.

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Author: Jake Pinkman