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Review of the movie Live. Dead


When the writers are preparing to stun the audience with their story about how a frightening creature gets into a highly enclosed space and begins to methodically process people trapped there due to certain circumstances, so that the last survivor (or survivor) will bring the harsh the message is, they have to ask themselves one simple question: why? Why do we undertake this plot, which is strongly associated with many movies that are now considered classics of the genre? What new, apart from special effects of another generation and fashionable actors, can we offer the viewer? And on this question everything should end for the conditional Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. But in the case of the movie "Living", such complex reflections, apparently, were not included in the plans of the authors.

Various exotic theories on this subject were vigorously discussed on the Web. For example, the identity of the separate frames of "Alive" and the movie "Spider-Man 3: Enemy in Reflection" seemed strange to some inquisitive fans of superhero movies. It has been suggested that "Live" will be a kind of preface to the feature movie "Venom", which Sony Pictures intends to launch into production. The idea is beautiful, but it breaks down with two simple counterarguments. Firstly, it is very strange that actors of such a high rank as Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Hiroyuki Sanada and others agreed to be at the "opening" of "Venom". Why should they? Secondly, this is a too complicated scheme, refuted by the squalor that is happening on the screen.

Let's make the most pleasant assumption. "Live" is such a slightly clumsy curtsey towards the classics, which did not seek to parasitize on it, or, God forbid, to parody. And that's all with a preface.

The plot of the movie is as simple as a ship's bulkhead. The ISS crew is carrying on board samples of the Martian soil, in which an alien organism is found. What would you do in that case? And they try to reanimate him, and when he comes to his senses and begins to grow, they conduct experiments on him in the spirit of "shouldn't we shock him." Naturally, the Martian, who has many amazing abilities (no, not acid instead of blood), is greatly offended and makes the only correct decision in such cases - kill them all. It was obvious from the videos.

But what was not obvious was the impenetrable stupidity of all earthlings without exception. Here's an example with a little spoiler. After the alien was overboard and demonstrated that he can stay in outer space for a long time with its temperature, pressure and lack of oxygen, what will our heroes come up with to lime him when he returns? Let's let the air out of the compartments, suddenly it suffocates! And everything in that spirit. Descriptions of other strange actions for trained professionals will contain more significant spoilers, so just take my word for it, there are plenty of them in almost every scene.

As for the images of the astronauts themselves, they, as Anton Chekhov wrote, are miserable compared to the pretentious alien. Yes, they try to tell dramatic stories from their past lives, they demonstrate a certain background that makes them strive to return to Earth, but none of them arouses any sympathy, even interest. All of them barely differ from the interior details of the space station. In the case of "Alive", do not wait for Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Ash, Bishop and, of course, Ellen Ripley, since the whole intrigue is exhausted only by the sequence in which the characters will go to feed you know who. And here once again the question naturally arises: what are all these generally bright actors doing in such a faded project?

It is even somehow inconvenient to talk about the traditional for Hollywood movies about the exploration of the nearest space ignoring the simplest laws of a kind. Of course, in Zhivoye there is no completely unrestrained fantasy of the creators of Gravitation in the form of space walks in a light spacesuit from someone else's shoulder, looking at the Sun without light filters or flying on fire extinguishers. And in shorts, ladies will not pose beautifully in zero gravity. But such trifles as the "second cosmic speed" required to leave the Earth's orbit, or, there, the controversy of the idea of using flamethrowers in an oxygen-saturated atmosphere, are of little concern that the writers or the director Daniel Espinoza.

Of the good, it is worth noting just brilliant camera work. All these spans through the ISS modules without mounting glues are great. Well, and the merits of the creators of special effects, they undoubtedly did a great job, and their work with various environments turned out to be even more interesting than, in fact, xeno itself ..., in the sense, nothing ..., in a word, an alien.

So. "Live" is such a solid space horror for viewers who have spent the last 30-40 years in a coma, having missed all the cinematic classics. Spectators who do not care about the laws of the universe and other scientific nonsense, but they are ready to put up with the hopeless ... naivety of the main characters if they are played by Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds.

For the rest, "Living" will become a sad parable about that. that it is time for humanity, which is ready to watch such movies, to give way to more advanced species in all respects, even if they crawled out of the reddish Martian mud.

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Author: Jake Pinkman