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Lindsay Lohan will clean up the morgues


Lindsay Lohan, sentenced by the court to 480 hours of community service, will be engaged in cleaning the premises of the Los Angeles morgue. This is reported by the publication People, citing the leadership of the district department of coroners.

“She will not come into direct contact with the bodies of the deceased, but she will undoubtedly see them,” said Deputy Department Deputy Ed Winter. The duties of the actress will also include emptying garbage cans and washing windows. She must start work within a week after the sentencing. In the morgue, Lindsay Lohan will work 120 hours, and the remaining 360 - in the women's center for the homeless.

Recall that the court found the actress guilty of violating the conditions of the probationary period. She was sentenced to 120 days in prison but released on bail pending appeal.

On June 3, 2011, the court hearing begins, which will hear the case of jewelry theft committed by Lohan. If she is found guilty, she faces another year in prison.

The Topic of Article: Lindsay Lohan will clean up the morgues.
Author: Jake Pinkman