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Grey's Anatomy renewed for one season


ABC has extended several of its most popular projects for the next season. The news is reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Grey's Anatomy and " Castle " got a green light for movieing next season. Recall that for Grey's Anatomy he will become the ninth, and for Castle fifth.

However, newcomers like Revenge, Once Upon a Time may not have received an order for movieing next season. Luckily for the fans, they were selected. New drama " Revenge " gained momentum very quickly, and was approved as one of the first to shoot the new season.

Fantastic series "Once Upon a Time" attracted about 13 million viewers, and its rating reached 4.0 among the adult population.

Note that series such as American Family, Suburb, The Middle have also been extended for the season. and " Private practice ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman