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Lindsay Lohan will go to trial again


Lindsay Lohan's troubles are not limited to a lawsuit in the case of theft of jewelry from a jewelry store. According to the TMZ resource, the actress's lawyers will soon have to defend their client from other claims.

A new lawsuit against Lohan was filed by photographer Scott Nuttan, who in 2010, commissioned by the actress, took a series of promotional photos advertising her line clothes. However, the work of the photographer was not paid, and in December he filed a lawsuit demanding the payment of the amount due under the contract.

Then Lohan's lawyers managed to conclude an amicable agreement, according to the terms of which Nattan was to be paid an unnamed compensation. As it turned out now, the photographer did not receive this money either.

Recall, that earlier the court found the actress guilty of violating the conditions of the probationary period. She was sentenced to 120 days in prison, commuted to house arrest and community service.

In June 2011, a court hearing will begin in which Lohan's jewelry theft case will begin. If found guilty, she faces another year in prison.

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Author: Jake Pinkman