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Nazis used 3D cameras at the Olympics


The events of the 1936 Olympics, held in Berlin, were recorded by the Nazis using stereoscopic cameras ahead of their time. According to Variety, this is evidenced by the results of a study by Australian director Philippe Mora, who found indirect evidence of the exploitation of such advanced technologies.

According to him, high-resolution Zeiss Ikon dual camera systems, in particular, were used for movieing races track and field athletes, which allowed the judges to get a detailed picture of what was happening on the tracks and accurately determine the winners.

The system worked so efficiently that already seven minutes after the finish, the referees could watch the recordings of the races in special cinemas.

Unfortunately, the tapes themselves have not yet been found, there are only descriptions and photos. Perhaps they were destroyed, as impartial cameras also recorded the triumph of black athletes, such as Jesse Owens, who received four gold medals. This could not please the Ministry of Propaganda of the Third Reich, as it went against the theory of white supremacy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman