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No Jason Bourne in The Bourne Legacy


In The Bourne Evolution, which is supposed to continue the series of movies about the lost memory special agent, Jason Bourne himself will not be. The director of the project, Tony Gilroy, told about this in an interview with the resource Hollywood-Elsewhere. Accordingly, the movie will not feature the role of Bourne in the first three Matt Damon movies.

“This is completely original script. There will be no remake, or replacement of the lead actor. No one is going to replace Matt Damon. The movie will have a new hero, and this is a new chapter in the story, "the director said.

According to him, in a sense, Jason Bourne will be invisibly present in the movie, since the events of the first three movies will give impetus to the plot fourth. `` I will create a new legend, a new environment and new conspiracy theories ''

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Author: Jake Pinkman