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Halle Berry's death threats


Popular Hollywood actress Halle Berry, involved in a lengthy lawsuit over custody of her daughter Nala, asked the court to allow her to leave with the child in France. This became known to the TMZ resource.

Berry is going to live with his current lover Oliver Martinez. According to representatives of the actress, she seriously fears for her life. Berry has reasons for such fears.

Recently, a certain Robert Hoskins escaped from a clinic for the mentally ill, who publicly threatened to cut the actress's throat. Earlier, Hoskins threatened Madonna in the same way, and in 1995 he was wounded by one of the singer's bodyguards while trying to break into her house.

Another fanatical Berry fan who had already entered her several times was released from prison. territory.

At the same time, the real reason can be much more commonplace. Halle Berry seeks to limit her daughter's communication with her biological father, Gabriel Aubrey. She sought an injunction against any contact between them, but the court dismissed her claims.

Aubrey himself is strongly opposed to her daughter's move to France. Litigation between the former lovers continues.

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Author: Jake Pinkman