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Uwe Boll will remind Germans of the Holocaust


Director Uwe Boll intends to remind the world and, above all, the Germans about the horrors of the Holocaust. This explains his desire to make a movie called Auschwitz. Ball himself spoke about this in an interview with Viceland.

“To a large extent my project is a documentary. I took many interviews with schoolchildren about the Holocaust, they formed the basis of the picture. Then the movie crew went to Auschwitz, where we movieed the scenes that you saw in the teaser. It's shocking, but true. We tried to show the entire conveyor of death as objectively as possible. Then I went back to German schools and again talked with young people who have no idea what Auschwitz is. And this is in German schools! What can we say about other countries. These episodes were also included in the movie ", - said Ball.

According to the director, he was horrified by the fact that fifty percent of those surveyed by him generally considered the Holocaust a myth. “I made a movie about it, and now I'm being criticized,” says Uwe Ball. - Half of my colleagues are Jews and they say that my painting will be a blow to the Jewish community. This is complete bullshit! It's just the opposite. ” “If another director had directed such a movie, he would have been nominated for an Oscar. But I took it off, and now everyone who is not lazy curses me. Why am I considered an idiot? I have a PhD in Literature and studied economics. Society is completely wrong about me, '' concluded Uwe Boll.

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Author: Jake Pinkman