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LEGO toys will battle Superglue


Some details of the plot of the feature movie, based on the lines of the popular LEGO constructors, have become known. According to the project's producer Dan Lin, who cites the Collider resource, the emphasis will be on how LEGO develops the creativity of children, and Superglue, which is the embodiment of static and stagnation, may become the main enemy. “The main thing about LEGO sets is that you can take apart pre-made models and build something of your own without using any instructions. This favorably distinguishes LEGO from all other toys, and we intend to build our story on this principle, - said Lin.

In which LEGO universe the main action of the picture will take place, the producer did not specify. He only stressed that the script will be ready in the near future, as well as the first CGI models, which will be presented to the management of the Warner Bros. and LEGO.

Filming is scheduled to begin in 2010.

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Author: Jake Pinkman