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Review of the movie Earthquake. What we lost in the rubble


Most disaster movies (especially Hollywood ones) let the viewer go straight into the heat, into the very epicenter of events. The main emphasis in such movies is, first of all, on demonstration of special effects, and the plots are different versions of how the characters try to survive during a natural disaster / alien invasion / terrorist attack. Chinese tape " Earthquake " tells not so much about the disaster itself, but about its consequences. This is not the Asian answer "2012" Roland Emmerich, a very harsh drama based on a real tragedy.

The Tanshan earthquake that struck China in 1976 killed about 240,000 people and is the third largest victims throughout history. The plot of the movie is about a mother who survived the earthquake, but lost her husband and daughter. The most shocking thing in this situation is that when the children of this woman fell under the rubble, she had to decide in the shortest minutes which of them to save - and ndash; otherwise both will perish.

Although, at first the author of these lines thought that "Earthquake" belongs to the category of movies that are usually criticized for excessive sentimentality, overt manipulation of the viewer's emotions. However, in this case, you absolutely do not want to scold the tape. For the viewer to be able to sincerely feel all this grief, there was probably no other way to shoot. In addition, after watching, the feeling of some kind of artificiality did not arise, and this is the most important thing.

But in fairness, I must say, that the creators went too far with the duration, and this is probably the only drawback. Slow narration of such pictures is only beneficial, since it allows the viewers to better immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening, but if you are too clever with this, it will become frankly boring.

The first half of the movie is very interesting to watch and the events there develop quite dynamically. However, as soon as the action turns into the 80s, longing begins. The plot is superimposed on some absolutely unnecessary main story plot lines, and that very main story simply slips in place. In fact, the second half of the movie could have been cut in half, as there are too many unnecessary scenes and lengthy dialogues that do not develop the story in any way. And in the emotional heat, the second half loses significantly to the first.

As for the shooting of the earthquake itself, it, of course, turned out to be terribly realistic. During this scene, you really think about how quickly one natural disaster can destroy your world at once and change your life forever.

Painting "Earthquake" it can hardly be called a masterpiece, since hardly anyone will revise it with a 95% probability. But such movies are needed at least so that a person who is not very educated in historical matters like me, who did not even know about this earthquake, would learn what people who had survived this terrible tragedy had to go through.

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Author: Jake Pinkman